How to evaluate a car rental company in Chisinau

First of all, when you go to any car rental companies, remember that a company must have its own office, and not to issue a contract for renting a car in the street, or anywhere in the bar. Also check the contract and the name of the company who owns the car and if all documents are in order, insurance, inspection, road tax, etc. If you rent a car, check the spare tire carefully, jack and key, and if it works well, the engine. Do not forget to see if there are any scratches on the car and if you provided with an enclosed application regarding the car situation. It is important to check the tires, if they are seasonal and are in good condition. It is important that when you bring the car back, you won’t be added other hidden fees and costs. It is important to check if the car rental company has been on the market for a long time and has the experience, and in case of an accident they can provide help to replace the car in case of injury and who is responsible if a rented car suddenly breaks down.