Cheap car hire in Chisinau

In the Republic of Moldova, the car rental sector offers from the cheapest cars to business class cars; we want to notice that only a few companies specialized in rental car, do provide a high quality service. I mean on the market there are so-called tenants with 2 or 3 old cars and do their business in the yard or on the street, without technical assistance, and without proper insurance for car rental customers. It is important to pay attention to the fact that in the sector of car rental, money means safety and comfort, while cheap cars are old and risky. You know, that if the machine brokes on the road - it's a real problem, besides it is risky. Before you rent a car, make sure the car is new; also pay attention to insurance, so that in case of accidents from the client was not required to pay all damages. In conclusion, we recommend all the customers to go to a company that specializes in car rental, it is recommended that the car for rent was new or not older than 3 or 4 years. At the time of payment, you must issue a check to pay for car rental. Good luck to you and choose the car that you like and that is safe.