Our company specializes in the rental car economy class

Our car rental company in Moldova is present on the market for more than five years. We are a car rental company of Economy and business classes at an affordable price. Our cars are mostly small engines, on gas and diesel fuel economy class. It is already known that the roads in the Republic in Moldova are not in a very good condition, that’s why we offer our customers who want to travel to the village by car tall cars or jeeps. In order to face the customers’ demand we have created a large park with a wide range of vehicles: minivans for families, vans, 4x4 or station wagon version of the city and traveling. Our company can rent a car for driving abroad in Romania or Ukraine. The documents and all staff are prepared in 10 minutes. Car rental in Chisinau is not just rent a car, but the convenience of customers and the freedom of movement throughout the territory of Moldova on the rented car as on your own.