How to rent a car in Moldova at a reasonable price

When you need to rent a car first of all you think to rent something cheap. Please note that not all that is a cheap is of a high quality, cheap cars mean economy class category, because you can not buy something that costs much for less money. Therefore, we recommend you to select a class of cars that you want to rent: economy class, luxury, medium, etc. In order to get a good price, it is advisable to contact the renting cars company to set a price and as possible to make reservations in advance, as previously booking entitles you to a discount. It is already known, the more days you hire a car, the cheaper you pay for renting it. Cheap car rental means not only a low price, this means that the car must also be economical. A low price of a economy class car involves a car zhich consumes less fuel. The car that consumes 10 liters has a significant effect on the client’s expenses. Check the contract and ask if you have doubts or if something is not clear, make online reservations, call and check exactly where you want to take the car and if it includes additional charges (airport-or delivery on weekends).