The Blacklist with car tenants in Moldova

After some mutual Collaboration between the car rental companies in Chisinau, they agreed to create a database, as well as in Europe, which will contain all the doubtful clients or who do not comply with the conditions of the contrac etc. This is a solution that protects the client in case he rented a car and was introduced into the database as a positive client. In this case the renterwill be a respected one and will take benefit of discounts. So be careful when renting a car, follow the rules of the road, be sure to have everything legally and in any case do not let someone else to drive the rented car without notifying the car rental company where you rented a car. Once you are logged into the black list, it is very difficult to gain trust again, everyone will know that you are a problematic client and does not want you to rent a car. This list is available only for specialist operators and some local authorities.