Car Rental in Moldova: Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I book a car to rent it in Chisinau, Moldova?
Looking for a car to rent? Find exactly what you want with our website search. Start with pick up location, time and date, then complete the blank spaces with additional information (name, surname, flight number etc.) 
You can also book via phone number, viber, whatsapp (+39379012880), or online chat.

2. What are the conditions required to take a car for rent in Moldova?
You need to have a valid Passport and driving license with minimum 3 years of experience, minimal age 23 years. International driving licenses are accepted: ex. Italian, German, Greek, Russian, etc.

3. Are the cars insured?
The cars are insured, including theft and force majeur; the fee is included in the rental price indicated on the site. You can also ask for additional insurance: baggage, children, green card, personal liability with or without franchise.

4. What does the rental fee include?
Rental fee includes: rent prices, road taxes, insurance, technical inspection.
Does not include: fuel, traffic fines.
5. Payment methods for rent a car service?
International credit cards, cash or bank transfer. 

What happens if my flight is delayed?
When you book a car online, you should indicate information about your flight, so that we can check the time of arrival of the flight  and wait for your even if your flight is delayed.

7. How can i know if my booking was completed successfully?
Your booking confirmation comes to your email address.

8. Can we have more drivers in the rental contract?
It is possible to add more drivers in the rental agreement. Every additional driver is charged with 3 euro/day.The same fee is charged for child safety seat, GPS, snow chains; they have to be specified when you make the reservation.

9. What should I do if I need help or an accident happened?
You will immediately inform the operator, you will receive free assistance from us; the intervention time is one hour in Chisinau and 4 hours on the national territory.

10. Where can I get the booked car?
When booking, specify where you want to take the car: at the airport or at the central office in Chisinau.

11. Is it possible to drive outside the Republic of Moldova whth rented car?
It is possible, only with the company's permission.

If you have any other questions please contact us anytime.